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Skin Care - Anti Sun Damage Whitening Cream/ Korea Cosmetics

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Natural Skin Care, Anti Sun Damage Whitening Day Cream 50ml/ Korea Cosmetics




Skin Vegetarian is

Cosmetics composed of extracts from natural plants and ingredients proven for its  

effectiveness we help better and healthier skin care. 


Skin Vegetarians Anti-Sun Damage product contains Jeju Sasa quelpaertensis extract,  

effective for skin calming, which provides nutrient and moisture and keeps skin healthy  

for damaged skin due to sun. Sasa quelpaertensis, wild plant from the cleanzone  

Jeju Han-ra Moutain, is a medicinal plant which survives severe coldness and snow. 


Anti-Sun Damage Whitening Day Cream 50ml (SPF35 PA++)

Protects skin to both UVA and UTB, brightens dull skin due to UV rays for its

whitening function. 


※ SKIN TYPE: All types

How to use : On the last procedure of basic skin-care, apply on face, neck, arms

and legs that are easily exposed to sun.