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Skin Care - Lithospermum Officinal Soap/ Korea Cosmetics

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Natural Skin Care, Lithospermum Officinal Soap 100g/ Korea Cosmetics




Skin Vegetarian is

Cosmetics composed of extracts from natural plants and ingredients proven for its  

effectiveness we help better and healthier skin care. 


Skin Vegetarians Anti-Problem product is effective for troubled skin to become healthy  

by Lithospermum Officinale used as first aid for skin disease from long since.  

Lithospermum Officinale contains bioactive substance called Sihkonin with its natural  

colorant of violet is effective for small and lumpy or large and sudden skin troubles.  


Lithospermum_Officinale Soap 100g

Hypoallergenic cleansing soap made of vegetable-natural ingredients gives high

moisturizing effects. Also contains gromwell root extract and lithospermum oil for

healthier skin. Natural aroma oil makes healthy skin stimulated by external



※ SKIN TYPE: Problem skin 

How to use : Like any ohter soap, make abundant bubbles and apply during facial wash.