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Skin Care - Anti Redness Soothing Toner/ Korea Cosmetics

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Natural Skin Care, Anti Redness Soothing Toner 105ml/ Korea Cosmetics




Skin Vegetarian is

Cosmetics composed of extracts from natural plants and ingredients proven for its  

effectiveness we help better and healthier skin care. 


Skin Vegetarians Anti-Redness product is added with high concentration of liquefied  

black yeast fermentation which contains beta-glucan highly effective for skin calming.  

With its effective moisturizing function it soothes the symptoms of red skin such as  

irritation, tenseness, pins and needles, coursing of skin.  


Anti-Redness Soothing Toner 105ml  

20% of Highly effective black yeast culture fluid (contains Beta-glucan), myrtus

communis, myrrh, chamomile extract synergizes for healthier skin. 


※ SKIN TYPE: Sensitive skin

How to use : Apply moderate amount after facial wash.