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Skin Care - Organic Jejuorga Serum/ Korea Cosmetics

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Organic Skin Care, Jejuorga Hydrating Serum/ Korea Cosmetics 


Jejuorga Hydrating Serum 30ml

Balanced mixture of sodium hyaluronate and Organic lemon balm extract (14.91%) and 7 kinds of

natural organic ingredient moistures and give liveliness to the exhausted skin. And high moisturizing

effect, maintain quickly for a long time. 


Control dry and unbalanced skin with organic serum

- Softens skin

- Hydrating action that firms the skin

- For clear skin

- Certified by ECOCERT

- Hyaluronic acid

Organic moisture conditioning without irritation for sensitive skin.

Hyluronic acids hydrating and nourishing elements replenish moisture and  prevent moisture loss of

the skin resulting in firmer skin. Organic ingredients such as hesperidin rejuvenate the skin making  

it glow. 

Organic Skincare to eliminate irritation

1. Hyaluronic aid skin barrier

2. Refreshingly light and non sticky

3. Rejuvenates skin

4. Clear skin

5. Honest organic ingredients