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Skin Care - Organic “O’SUM” Jejuorga Line/ Korea Cosmetics

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Organic Skin Care, “O’SUM” Jejuorga Line/ Korea Cosmetics

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O’SUM is the specialized organic cosmetics which was established in Jeju volcanic island, UNESCO’s world natural heritage. O’sum products, approved by France ECOCERT certificate and Korean FDA Organic Cosmetics Guidelines are manufactured with the maximum amount of organic ingredients (more than 10%), natural origin ingredients (more than 95%), including organic ingredients.

Gentle organic base for dry skin, all skin types
1. Jejuorga Skin Toner 105ml
2. Jejuorga Lotion 105ml
3. Jejuorga Hydrating Serum 30ml
4. Jejuorga Essential Moisturizing Cream 50ml
5. Jejuorga Whitening Cream 50ml
6. O-Active mask 20ml

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Organic Skin Care_ _O_SUM_ Jejuorga Line